AI Smart Parking

World’s first AI LPR-based
parking management solution

(LPR – License Plate Recognition)

AI Parking Management system

This AI-based solution recognizes irregular and unstructured license plates for unmanned parking management, replacing tickets with license plate recognition. It offers comprehensive services, including access control and various statistics, integrated with gate barriers, payment kiosks, and servers.

Increase efficiency and visitor satisfaction through fast passage

Flow improvement of entry and exit vehicles

Automatically recognizes the unique number on the license plate through AI-based LPR

Allows fast get-in & out passing of the parking lot without any unnecessary action

Improvement of parking lot running efficiency

Systematic operation using license plate information allows parking lots to be operated more quickly and efficiently

Customer satisfaction increases by reducing the waste of time for visitors

Enhance management efficiency and prevention of loss

All systems are managed automatically by the server based on unmanned

Entry/exit statistics, sales management, and access controls are automated to prevent mistakes or fraud by cashiers

mAi Parking

Parking management system, which enhances the convenience and customer satisfaction of visitors from the existing ticket issuance-oriented system, applied the world’ first AI-based license plate recognition* technology (*LPR-License Plate Recognition).

mAi Parking
Solution video

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AI-LPR smart Parking
Solution video

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