[NEWS] DRIMAES and E3 Mobility Collaborate to Build Domestic Electric Two-Wheeler Ecosystem


DRIMAES and E3 Mobility Collaborate to Build Domestic Electric Two-Wheeler Ecosystem

June 09, 2023 
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DRIMAES has teamed up with E3 Mobility to venture into the establishment of an ecosystem for electric two-wheelers. On the 9th of June, DRIMAES and E3 Mobility announced that they have signed a business agreement for the development of an integrated management solution for electric two-wheelers.

Their collaboration aims to foster and activate the domestic ecosystem for electric two-wheelers through technology sharing, research and development, commercialization, and expansion into the global market. They are initiating the development of 'Human-Machine Interface (HMI)' solutions for electric two-wheeler charging stations, based on 'Internet of Things (IOT)' devices and software solutions, along with the creation of a cloud-based integrated software management system. 

DRIMAES is a mobility solution company that provides In-Vehicle Infotainment(IVI) and integrated control solutions. They specialize in developing electric two-wheeler control software and integrated management systems. Notably, they apply the AUTOSAR(Automotive Open System Architecture) software standard platform to electric two-wheelers, delivering high performance.

E3 Mobility shares various technologies and information needed for the development of electric two-wheeler vehicle information (API) and dedicated charging station solutions. In the future, both companies plan to produce electric two-wheelers, as well as monitor real-time vehicle status and performance data.

Sei-yon Lee, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of DRIMAES, stated, "The electric two-wheeler market is a rapidly growing segment in the mobility field, both domestically and internationally. This collaboration is our first step towards enhancing competitiveness in the market and providing users with an evolved mobility experience. We hope that by combining the strengths of DRIMAES and E3 Mobility, we can explore new possibilities and play a leading role in this field."  

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