[NEWS] DRIMAES-Peaches Group Korea Announce Strategic Partnership for Innovation in Mobility Aftermarket


DRIMAES-Peaches Group Korea Announce Strategic Partnership for Innovation in Mobility Aftermarket

Jan 03, 2024 
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DRIMAES announced on the 21st that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Peaches Group Korea (hereinafter referred to as Peaches) to commercialize mobility aftermarket products.

This partnership focuses on leveraging the expanding vehicle tuning market and technological advancements, combining the distinct strengths and capabilities of both companies within the mobility ecosystem to provide innovative products and services.

Through this partnership, both companies aim to design and provide innovative business models and customer experiences in various ways, securing leadership in the market and pursuing sustainable growth. DRIMAES will be responsible for technological development and productization, while Peaches will handle content planning and marketing strategies, further detailing the collaboration.

The vehicle tuning market, driven by consumer trends towards personalization and premium experiences, is showing high growth both domestically and globally.

The first project of this collaboration will be a dedicated device for tuned vehicles, set to begin concrete planning and development from next year. Products and services that reinterpret various effective data and functionalities connected to DRIMAES’ In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) and vehicle clusters, combined with Peaches' unique concepts, will be unveiled.

DRIMAES CTO Lee Sei-yon stated, “This collaboration with Peaches opens a new opportunity in the tuning market and will be a key milestone in providing differentiated experiences to our customers. We will work hard to create significant synergy by combining the expertise of both companies in pursuing innovation in the mobility market.”

Peaches CEO Yeo in-Taek expressed, “Peaches also anticipates new synergies through cooperation with DRIMAES. As both companies have distinct areas of expertise, we will explore various methods to effectively connect our strengths.”

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