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CES 2024 Preview from the Perspective

Jan 04, 2024 | SEOUL
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The world's largest consumer electronics and IT exhibition, CES 2024, opens the new year of 2024 and, as in previous years, begins its showcase in Las Vegas, USA. We interpret CES 2024 from DRIMAES' unique perspective, a place where the unpredictable future can be viewed from various fields and perspectives. This year, with over 3,500 participating companies, a record number, the world's attention is focused on Las Vegas, USA. Not just a simple exhibition, but an event where we can solve and contemplate our common problems and future livelihoods through innovative technology, with a special focus on cooperation and shared goals. This year, artificial intelligence (AI) takes the center stage.

  All together, All on

Let's take a closer look at the future that will be presented in various forms at CES 2024,
aligned with its main theme, through three key viewing points.

Unified Under Artificial Intelligence 'Us'

The five key words to focus on at this CES 2024 are: ① Artificial Intelligence (AI), ② Mobility, ③ Food & AgTech, ④ Health & Wellness Tech, and ⑤ Sustainability and Human Security. Among them, the core technology is artificial intelligence. "As AI, the center of all tech, is being introduced across all industries and its influence is expanding, AI-based products and services are expected to spread widely, not only in B2C but also in B2B," experts say. They believe that the convergence and innovation of technology across all industrial sectors, centered on AI, will guide us towards sustainable human existence and an improved quality of life.

In fact, AI is accelerating in its technical prowess and product competition, not only in visible areas but also in unseen ones. Since the launch of the AI chatbot Chat GPT in 2022, the continuous unveiling of new technologies such as generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) has made AI the main topic of this CES 2024. Gary Shapiro, president of the CTA, said, "AI technology is bringing innovation in all areas of industry, including mobility, infrastructure, sustainability, and smartphones," emphasizing that AI-based products will receive high attention at the exhibition.

Indeed, the Trend is Software

Along with AI, another key focus at CES 2024 is #Mobility. The reputation of the mobility sector at CES is already well-established, attracting visitors specifically for mobility events. However, the theme of mobility at CES 2024 is a bit different, focusing on deeper solutions and technologies within the vehicle itself. Future mobility technologies like vehicle software, connected cars, autonomous driving, and electric vehicles will solidify their position in the industry.

Among various innovative technologies in the mobility sector, this CES focuses on the SDV (Software-Defined Vehicle). Various players in the mobility industry have brought SDV as a key technology term to CES. SDV binds various software functions, distributed across infotainment, autonomous driving, engines, and physical system buttons, into one through an operating system (OS). Hyundai Motor Company has indicated the unveiling of a concrete business strategy utilizing SDV at the exhibition.

The concept of a "moving smartphone" has been prevalent, but with SDV and related solutions, it's becoming a tangible reality. SDV's special appeal can also be seen outside the mobility industry, with the telecommunications and semiconductor industries joining and collaborating within the mobility sector. The adoption of SDV technology significantly demonstrates innovation, enhancing the diversity of experiences within the vehicle with various contents, services, and devices.

Wherever You Go, Wherever You Are, Just Right for You

At the CES exhibition hall, you can find various forms of transportation, from microcars to electric scooters, autonomous vehicles, and UAM (Urban Air Mobility). Future mobility transcends mere transportation, becoming a living space tailored to individual lifestyles. PBV (Purpose Built Vehicle) can transform into restaurants or hospitals depending on passengers' needs, offering a glimpse into this concept.

Naturally, the content consumed within these spaces must be purposeful. The growth of purpose-built mobility is organically linked to the development of content implementation technologies and platforms that cater to passengers' needs during their journey. Entertainment, healthcare, business work, and even education require deeper consideration. If you encounter a new form of mobility or content that captivates your interest at the exhibition, consider how these services and forms of mobility can come together to form a complete space.

Ultimately, Connecting with DRIMAES

This year marks DRIMAES' second CES with the main theme of "Plug-in." DRIMAES has always been contemplating solutions for "connection." The emergence of innovative technologies and new vehicles and services, which make the future unpredictable, are always aimed at people and must remain useful to them. Therefore, DRIMAES talks about connecting technology, experience, and people. With great anticipation, DRIMAES will first showcase its vision and capabilities in Las Vegas, USA, at CES 2024, in partnership with Qualcomm as the Official Strategic Partner. The four key solutions are ① In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI), ② Fleet Management Solutions (FMS), ③ SDV, and ④ Automotive OTA. Take a glance at these key solutions before visiting the DRIMAES booth.

Solution Overview ①  

IVI(In-Vehicle Infotainment)

DRIMAES IVI supports various operating systems including Linux, Android and other automotive OS simultaneously
using Container-based virtualization. Additionally, it features its own automotive web platform (Chromium), offering
a variety of third-party services, including vehicle management, convenience, news, web surfing, and entertainment.

Solution Overview  

ACCESS solution is a cloud infrastructure for connected cars and connectivity services.
ACCESS collects real-time vehicle data through CAN protocol and transfer to DRIMAES cloud infra, co-developed with Qualcomm snapdragon.
With rich data pool from vehicles, DRIMAES provides efficient API set which can minimize data transfer based on
own data collection and analyzation algorithm to various connectivity services.

Solution Overview  
SDV(Software-Defined Vehicle)

DRIMAES is ready to assist customers in transitioning to SDV by leveraging AUTOSAR dev. capabilities and an ECU simulator.

DRIMAES utilize major AUTOSAR platform such as Elektrobit, ETAS and Mobilgene. Also, the ECU simulator supports

the development of AUTOSAR-based ECUs by virtualizing vehicle ECUs and driving environments.

Solution Overview 
Automotive OTA

With its own Differential SW package generation technology, DRIMAES OTA can provides efficient F-OTA and S-OTA update

solution with minimized compressed package which can reduce cost and time of data transfer.
Furthermore, based on Key-based authentification and cloud based ochestrator,
Administrators can easily deploy and manage OTA packages with safety.


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