[News] ASPICE CL2 Certification Achievement of DRIMAES: Setting a New Standard in Automotive Software Certification


[News] ASPICE CL2 Certification Achievement of DRIMAES: Setting a new standard in Automotive software certification

Jan 25, 2024 | SEOUL
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DRIMAES Achieves ASPICE CL2 Certification
DRIMAES has recently made a significant achievement in the startup world by acquiring Level 2 (CL2) certification in 12 out of 13 areas of the ASPICE(Automotive Software Process Improvement and Capability dEtermination). This level is currently the essential certification standard for the Car makers and automotive component companies in the global market. 

This accomplishment not only demonstrates DRIMAES' exceptional capabilities in meeting and enhancing OEM quality requirements and competitiveness in the automotive software development field but also showcases the results of their consistent and dedicated efforts.

ASPICE certification is an internationally recognized standard for assessing the quality of software development processes. Withe the sophistication of infotainment systems and the increasing importance of compatibility and stability between vehicle systems and internal electronics, attention is gradually shifting towards software-centric quality management. 

Experts predict that ASPICE will become the most widely used development process evaluation model in the global automotive engineering sector. As the traditional automotive industry's business structure is disrupted by software adoption, software development companies and related infrastructure are emerging as new powerhouses in the industry, highlighting the importance of integrating development processes to ensure productivity in software development. 

ASPICE is not a mandatory regulation but focuses on 'improvement' during evaluation. Products based on continuously updatable software can be 'improved' through various cases and ideas. The certification serves as a guideline, considering various technologies applied throughout numerous improvement processes.

[Image 1=Official Certification awarded ASPICE CL2 from KUGLER MAAG]

[Image 2=General Process Architecture of ASPICE]

[Image 3=Total Score of the Final-Assessment]

DRIMAES' ASPICE certification has garnered particular attention because the assessment was conducted by KUGLER MAAG, a major certification organization based in Germany. Known for their meticulous and stringent evaluation standards, KUGLER MAAG awarded DRIMAES, a startup, the highest score in the Final-Assessment round. DRIMAES achieved excellent evaluation scores in various areas, including software requirement management, software testing, and maintenance, by employing a software development framework and methodology optimized for vehicle standards in devices like System UI, HW Interface, and CID used in our production vehicle models. The AIST team and all DRIMAES members collaborated to complete this meaningful project in just 8-months. 

So, how will ASPICE interact and coexist within the automotive industry? DRIMAES has identified 4-key aspects:

[1] Quality Improvement and Safety Assurance
ASPICE certification evaluates and suggests improvements for automotive software development processes and quality. Ultimately, this contributes to enhancing the quality and safety of the final product in the mobility industry, securing trust form both manufacturers and consumers.

[2] Strengthening Competitiveness through Compliance with International Industry Standards
As an internationally recognized standard, ASPICE certification is essential for both domestic and global car makers. Continuous research and development in compliance with ASPICE enhance competitiveness in the markets. This is especially true for products like In-Vehicle Infotainment(IVI), which are complex and feature-rich, where achieving international standard certifications like ASPICE can establish a common business language.

[3] Sustainable Development and Innovation Promotion
Establishing a common development system in the current saturated software-centric mobility industry is crucial. An accredited development system setup through certification like ASPICE can guide more sustainable and systematic solution advancements.

[4] Advancement in Autonomous Driving and Connected Car Tech
ASPICE certification plays a critical role in autonomous driving and connected car ecosystems. As AI begins to permeate all industrial areas, it will play a pivotal role in advancing autonomous driving and connected car technologies and services. As the SDV-like solution industry grows, the quality and safety of the underlying software will become a key differentiator.

Setting a New Standard in Automotive Software Certification
With the activation of vehicle software, future mobility solutions will continue to make innovative strides. DRIMAES' ASPICE certification project has set a new standard for certification procedures based on automotive software, indication a shift towards technology sophistication and user-centric safety and convenience enhancements.

Olivia, the leader of the AIST team responsible for this project, shared her commitment: "This certification has contributed to elevation DRIMAES' software competitiveness. We will continue to pour our efforts into developing our solutions and enhancing the quality." DRIMAES' is now racing towards acquiring the unprecedented Level 3 (CL3) certification from KUGLER MAAG and providing even better solutions.

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