[Tech] The Evolution of Car-Keys


[Tech] The Evolution of Car-Keys

Feb 02, 2024 | SEOUL
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What are the essential elements for driving? For many drivers, it's a given that they need ad "Vehicle" for drive and a "Smartphone". These two are often mentioned as necessities. But what about car keys, which directly connect the driver to their vehicle?

In the mobility ecosystem, car keys have evolved from being mere tools for access to playing a significant role in driving innovation with the advent of cutting-edge technology. Surprisingly, car keys also serve as great accessories. They not only reflect the type and brand philosophy of the vehicle and its manufacturer but also serve as important proof of ownership, symbolizing 'My own CAR'. Let's explore the past, present, and future of car keys, which are leading the innovation in mobility.

The History of Car Keys
The history of car keys dates back to  the down of the automotive industry, initially serving as mechanical locks. Over time, these evolved into more secure mechanisms to protect vehicles from external threats. By the 1990s, remote control features were introduced, significantly enhancing convenience. As technology and trends advanced, car keys transformed from traditional keys to incorporating buttons and eventually transitioning to digital forms like smartphone apps. While the primary function of unlocking and locking doors remains unchanged, additional features have emerged, heralding a digital transformation in the car key ecosystem.

Digital Keys and Smart Keys
The advent of digital and smart keys marked a turning point in car key evolution. While often confused, digital keys and smart keys have distinct characteristics. Digital keys, accessible via smartphone apps, enhance both convenience and security by allowing remote vehicle access and control. Smart keys, on the other hand, automatically unlock and start the car when the driver is nearby. Digital keys also offer a range of additional features depending on the internal infrastructure.

The Future of Car Keys
The future of car keys is filled with technological advancements aimed at providing a more innovative mobility experience. With the shift towards Software-Defined Vehicle (SDV), technologies like blockchain, biometrics, and IoT are being integrated to enhance vehicle accessibility and offer customized user experiences. Examples include biometric technologies such as facial and fingerprint recognition. The future promises even more personalized settings, with AI and multi-modal technologies adjusting seats, temperature, and entertainment based on the driver's preferences and health status.

Car key innovations have shown the potential through various use-cases, such as digital keys facilitating easy car rental and sharing via smartphone apps. This technology improves the convenience and accessibility of car-sharing services and facilitates key sharing among family and friends. DRIMAES is actively collaborating to innovative the mobility service ecosystem and user experience through software, working with smart mobility solution provider "TUNEIT" to design and develop new user experiences.

The evolution of car keys is fundamentally changing our interaction with vehicles, promising safer, more convenient, and personalized experiences. Attention to detail in these innovations is key to redefining the future of an already saturated mobility landscape. 


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