[NEWS] DRIMAES and S.Lab Asia Collaborate for Medical Specialized Logistics Management Solution Development


DRIMAES and S.Lab Asia Collaborate for Medical Specialized Logistics Management Solution Development

March 06, 2024 
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Mobility solution company DRIMAES announced on the 4th that it has signed a strategic memorandum of understanding(MOU) with cold chain logistics specialist S.Lab Asia for cooperation in the medical specialized logistics market, focusing on infotainment service platforms and PBV(Purpose-Built Vehicle) business collaboration. 

Under this collaboration, S.Lab Asia will be responsible for planning and developing the medical specialized logistics platform, as well as conducting platform efficiency validation through PBVs, while DRIMAES will provide infrastructure for platform enhancement by applying its Car-to-Cloud(C2C) based vehicle control solutions.

Typically, special medical logistics, such as pharmaceuticals, must maintain a specific temperature until they reach their destination. This low-temperature distribution system is known as a "cold chain". A cold chain requires real-time temperature tracking during transportation and the ability to verify the real-time location and route of the transport vehicles.

Introducing a cloud-based vehicle control solution within a platform managing multiple special logistics transport vehicles can lead to faster and more efficient management of these vehicles.

Sua Lee, CEO of S.Lab, stated, "Our cooperation with DRIMAES enables us to manage a wider range of special logistics products that meet the demanding and varied transportation conditions required by the logistics business more efficiently. We will actively collaborate to expand into global business."  

Sei-yon Lee, CCO(Chief Creative Officer) of DRIMAES, stated, "Collaboration with S.Lab will be an important milestone in the direction of innovation and growth based on C2C that we are pursuing. We will strive to set new standards in the medical specialized logistics market and provide better value."

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