[Contents] Evolution of In-Car Music Content: Changing Listening Experiences with SDV


[Contents] Evolution of In-Car Music Content: Changing Listening Experiences with SDV

May 31, 2024 
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"The driver gets into the car.

After fastening the seatbelt and tidying up the surroundings, the driver sets the destination and gets ready to depart.

Before setting off, the driver plays a playlist of recent favorite songs.

The once quiet car space comes to vivid.

It feels like it’s going to be a pleasant journey."

In the rapidly evolving mobility ecosystem, with the rise of Software-Defined Vehicles (SDVs), countless in-car content services are emerging and disappearing. Among the unexplored frontiers of digitized vehicles, audio content has consistently maintained its presence. Among the various audio content available, music streaming is an indispensable element for a rich driving experience.

Music, which is easily accessible and can be enjoyed without any special equipment, always comes to us in increasingly diverse forms. Why is that? And how can it be newly presented within the evolving in-car space? In line with the rapidly changing SDV ecosystem, we explore how the future music listening experience will transform and how we should respond to it.

The Power of Romance in Music

Curiously, adding a background track to an ordinary moment makes it more vividly remembered. Music not only enhances driving experiences but also accompanies all moments of our daily lives appropriately. Easy to enjoy, music plays a role beyond mere background sound, stimulating our emotions and making moments special.

There’s an unexpected space where music gains extra power – the car. Users who have naturally enjoyed music content often find this realization surprising. Why are automakers around the world busy setting up high-end audio systems from brands like Harman Kardon and Bang & Olufsen? Apart from professional producers' studios, there are very few places where one can immerse in high-quality music. The car becomes one of the few private spaces where individuals can enjoy music deeply and personally, tailored to their preferences and context.

Interactive Music Streaming Content for Users

Given the limitations, the way music is streamed in cars feels refreshingly new. Today, we can stream various categories of music through Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth connections, and in-car music apps in all types of vehicles. Each manufacturer’s unique features are also noteworthy.

(1) Tesla's Boombox:

Tesla’s Boombox feature utilizes the external speakers of Tesla vehicles to play various sounds. Highlighting Tesla’s ‘Fun driving’ aspect, Boombox allows users to upload MP3 files to play through the car’s external speakers, expressing individuality or setting unique alerts. It also includes pre-set sounds like classic car horn sounds, animal noises, jokes, and various music, providing users with diverse options. However, it should comply with local noise regulations and safety rules, mainly used at low speeds or when the car is stationary.

(2) Hyundai's Situational Awareness Karaoke Feature:

Hyundai and Kia’s karaoke service, currently under patent, automatically activates karaoke mode when it detects the driver’s intent to sing. This infotainment system compares the driver’s singing with pre-existing audio data and activates the karaoke function if they match beyond a certain threshold, ensuring safe driving without manual operations.

If no singing is detected for a certain period, or if the voice data involves vehicle control commands, the karaoke function deactivates. The system adjusts the car’s windows, audio system, climate control, and sunroof to create an ideal karaoke environment, ensuring internal sounds do not escape.

(3) DRIMAES’ Generative AI BGM Service (w./ Mix Audio):

Sometimes, along with pop songs, we crave background music that matches the beautiful scenery outside the window. DRIMAES, in partnership with the personalized AI music streaming service Mix Audio, has developed an AI-based background music generation and streaming service for an unprecedented music content experience. 

The Mix Audio service aims to analyze in-car and external data to generate and stream optimized music in real-time, matching the driver’s mood, driving style, and driving environment. Through generative AI, drivers can input desired keywords and enjoy custom background music tailored to every moment, providing a richer driving experience. Mix Audio’s production techniques generate unique content that cannot be heard anywhere else, making each listening experience personal and exclusive.

Future Tasks for Mobility Players

Music content should go beyond mere listening, fulfilling a role in exchanging and satisfying emotions. It must connect more sophisticated and personalized data with usability.


To this end, DRIMAES has recently partnered with EnableFind, a music content sourcing solution company, to develop optimized playlist content based on in-car and external data. This will recommend playlists tailored to various situations, offering a fresh and enjoyable driving experience without the need for separate searches.

By combining rapidly changing technology with our unique, unchanging emotions, we aim to enhance user satisfaction and play a leading role in the evolving SDV ecosystem. We aspire to create experiences that make someone’s moments beautifully memorable with a harmonious melody.

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