[Ecosystem] Smart Parking in the Age of Change: AI and Video recognition Parking Management Solutions


[Ecosystem] Smart Parking in the Age of Change: AI and Video recognition Parking Management Solutions

June 14, 2024 
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Endless Mobility Industry and AI Utilization

Today, AI is driving innovation across various industries, not just in parking management. For example, AI is maximizing efficiency and productivity through data analysis, predictive modeling, and automation in areas like healthcare, finance, and automotive manufacturing.

While the advancement of AI technology might sometimes seem like it’s reserved for grand projects, such as those reaching for the stars, it also enhances our daily lives in small systems like parking management and frequently used digital devices.

Furthermore, the development of SDV (Software Defined Vehicle) is creating an entirely new mobility industry. AI license plate recognition systems, combined with SDV, enable unmanned parking, optimal route search, and real-time traffic management. They also play a crucial role in building safer and more efficient parking and traffic systems through vehicle-to-vehicle communication and smart infrastructure linkage.

AI License Plate Recognition-Based Parking Management Solution and Related Ecosystem

DRIMAES has partnered with SiliconCube, an AI solution company, to develop an AI license plate recognition-based parking solution. AI license plate recognition captures and interprets vehicle license plates using artificial intelligence algorithms. High-resolution cameras and sensors installed at parking facility entrances automatically recognize license plates as vehicles approach, compare them with a database, and control access or process billing.

The advantages of an AI license plate recognition system promote the activation of the related ecosystem:

- Increased Efficiency: Automated entry procedures reduce the waiting time previously required for drivers.

- Enhanced Security: Real-time monitoring and database integration in the cloud enable tracking and management of vehicles and unauthorized access.

- Cost Reduction: The need for additional manpower is reduced, achieving operational cost efficiency.

- User Data Analysis: Collecting data on drivers’ parking usage patterns allows for the optimization of vehicle space management.

DRIMAES and SiliconCube’s Kiosk-Based AI Parking Management Solution

As previously mentioned, the paradigm of parking systems is gradually changing. We are moving away from ticket-based parking lots to an era of unmanned parking management solutions using AI-based license plate recognition technology.

AI-based vehicle license plate recognition technology and unmanned parking management solutions can be integrated with entry barriers, payment machines, servers, etc., to provide automated access control and statistics.

Moving away from the traditional ticket issuance method, this technology enables unmanned parking management through license plate recognition and displays various information for each parking lot using integrated kiosks, enhancing operational efficiency. SiliconCube’s License Plate Recognition (LPR) device, equipped with a highly advanced AI engine, ensures accurate license plate recognition.

Moreover, utilizing On Device and Cloud-based management systems allows for the convenient use of web-based control services for parking vehicle entry and exit information and license plates, regardless of time and place.

AI learning enables the recognition of license plates from various countries, making global operation possible. A single camera can detect up to four parking spaces, parking times, and license plates, increasing the transparency and reliability of parking lots. This also brings expected benefits such as automatic access control, preventing cashier errors or fraud, and providing indoor/outdoor parking location guidance services, greatly improving the parking experience.

A Better Driving Journey Ahead

As the new parking experience interacts closely with our lives, it will be one of the key solutions to maximize satisfaction for both service users and providers. As the area used for parking decreases and the demand for faster and more efficient parking management increases, we strive to provide a smart and convenient parking environment through AI technology representing the times. We hope DRIMAES’ smart parking solution will become the standard for future parking management systems, aiming for a more valuable tomorrow.

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