[NEWS] DRIMAES signed an electric vehicle development agreement with EVITS Company


With the agreement between the two most notable companies, research results like electric vehicle development do the industry expected.

DRIMAES (CEO Im Jin-woo, Kim Guk-tae) specializes in In-Vehicle Information (IVI) solutions. They are announced on the 16th that it has signed a business agreement with electric vehicle manufacturer EVITS Company (CEO Park Jung-min) to develop intelligent electric vehicles for mobility services.

EVITS Company has electric vehicle manufacturing design, 3D modeling, and mobility content planning technologies. It is drawing attention in the industry as it is currently conducting pilot operations of leading domestic logistics companies and electric/hybrid delivery vehicles in Jeju Island. The business agreement with DRIMAES and EVITS Company is meaningful. The two most promising companies in the electric vehicle sector meet to contribute to the development of the industry ecosystem and showcase upgraded technology. Based on DRIMAES' IVI platform, the two companies will create a platform to operate delivery control solutions and efficient delivery-related services. Based on this, Ebit Company's electric vehicle drive and battlefield development will make the best electric vehicle.

In addition, as consumer perceptions of global eco-friendly cars (hybrid, electric vehicles) change and demand increases. And active technology development and research are being conducted, and this agreement can expect to help the two companies control emissions and supply eco-friendly cars.

Kim Guk-tae, CEO of DRIMAES, said, "We are happy to sign MOUs with EVITS Company with excellent technology. Following the recent selection of Foxconn's open electric vehicle production support platform, MIH Global Electric/Autonomous Vehicle Platform (EVkit)."

Park Jung-min, CEO of EVITS Company, said, "This business agreement with DRIMAES will be a great success story achieved by HW and SW technology startups. It expects synergy effects to upgrade technology in the domestic e-mobility field further. EVITS Company will grow into an innovative company through collaboration with various mobility-related companies, he said.

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