[NEWS] DRIMAES succeeded in attracting 12.5 billion won worth of investment


- In recognition of DRIMAES’ competitiveness and future potential, the Korea Development Bank and Mando completed attracting successful investment in the Series A round.

DRIMAES (CEO Im Jin-woo and Kim Guk-tae), a company specializing in In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) solutions, announced today that it has attracted a total of 12.5 billion won in investment in the A round of the series. Several investors, including Partners Investment, Medici Investment, Mando Co., Ltd., Stick Ventures, and the Korea Development Bank (KDB), participated in the Series A investment. In particular, the Korea Development Bank first started in Silicon Valley with great trust in the growth potential of DRIMAES and invested in the form of Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE), a method introduced in Korea. Through this investment attraction, DRIMAES has become more recognized for its potential to build a foundation platform for mobility services along with IVI (In-Vehicle Information, Vehicle Infotainment System) technology.

DRIMAES plans to expand its business area throughout mobility based on this investment, including mass production of automated IVI platforms (AGL, LINUX, WEB-based IVI platforms). And the development of mobility AI recommendation engines to provide personalized user experiences and concept design of new mobility use. It also aims to strengthen its position as a mobility platform company and IVI, which leads the industry by hiring design experts for mobility-related SW, HW development, mobility service business operation, and user experience design.

Until now, DRIMAES has formed technology cooperation with various industry-leading companies to discover new ecosystems and user experiences suitable for IVI continuously. For example, last year, it signed an MOU with Naver Whale and Continental Automotive to develop and supply a base platform that can apply various web services suitable for advanced IVI hardware based on AGL (Automotive Grade Linux). In fact, after this MOU cooperation, the development of a prototype that can use for performance has been completed by successfully carrying out related projects and is currently in talks with various manufacturers.

In addition, earlier this year, it was selected as a significant partner of MIH, Foxconn's open electric vehicle production support platform. It was recognized as one of the six powerful partners in the MIH global available electric/autonomous vehicle platform (EVkit) by competing with prominent companies in the industry, including ARM and Siemens software.

In addition, it signed a business agreement with electric vehicle manufacturer EVITS Company to develop intelligent electric vehicles for mobility services, introducing upgraded technology, and signing O2O service agreements for Naver Whale, DRIMAES, Team YPER, Carang, and the last 30 minutes.

DRIMAES CEO Im Jin-woo and Kim Guk-tae said, "We were able to complete the investment attraction in recognition of DRIMAES' competitiveness and future growth potential." And adding, "This investment plans to invest in recruiting talent and strengthening technology development infrastructure. We plan to expand our business by increasing the platform user experience and improving operational efficiency in the future.

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