DMS (Driver Monitoring System)

Vision-AI Driver Monitoring System

The vision-AI driver monitoring system utilizes a highly sensitive image sensor and invisible 940nm IR LEDs to capture in-cabin images.

Its proprietary optical design achieves excellent power efficiency, with nearly 2X illumination.

Any driver, any situation

Thanks to the 3D facial landmark AI tracking technology, the system can identify up to 100 drivers and accurately classify their behaviors, such as inattention, dozing, smoking, calling, etc.

With vision-AI technology, image quality optimization for the face area is progressing anytime and anywhere.

Solution Key Features
  • Equipped with 940nm infrared light and high QE sensor
  • Innovative optical design, capable of working at bright sunny days (even at 120K lux)
  • Support driver wearing level 3 sunglasses and coated glasses
  • Compact size camera with power-over-coax
  • Image quality optimization for face area anytime, anywhere with AI technology
  • 3D facial landmark AI technology to classify driver behavior precisely
Support Functions & Warning Strategy (customizable)
  • Face ID
    Support up to 100 registers
  • Fatigue detection
    Close eyes > 2s or yawn > 3s
  • Inattention detection
    Head pose yaw angle over 25┬░ or pitch angle over 15┬░ > 3s
  • Smorking
    State > 2s
  • Being phone use
    State > 3s

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