E-Bike Solution

VCU & IVI integrated

Cost and performance optimized solution for your E-mobility VCU Integrated Infotainment solution

Why we integrate VCU to infotainment?

  • Cost reduction
    By integration of MCU of infotainment and VCU, reduce components and wire
  • More space, Less weight
    By reduction of VCU and wires, secure more space and less weights of E-mobility
  • Improved real-time performance and function of Infotainment
    Data passes less MCU and wire, real-time data transfer performance is improving.

    Directly receive CAN data from VCU module, Infotainment can display various and reliable vehicle data.
AP Qualcomm SA 4155 or similar Spec.
Display panel 4” ~ 11” LCD Display
OS Android automotive OS
Comm. LTE(CAT 4), BT, WIFI
Features – Cluster function
– Telematics function
– Vehicle control / monitoring
– Audio / Radio play
– Navigation
Anti-theft system

When E-bike is stolen, detect current location by using GPS data from VCU integrated IVI and remotely control by connectivity infra.

Rental·Lease Management System

Collect and manage user/driving information by using VCU integrated IVI.
Safely connect to various remote/connectivity services by adopting block-chain based Driver DID authorization Tech.

E-bike specialized MRO System

E-bike specialized MRO system based on the data from VCU integrated IVI.
Real-time monitoring of E-bike operation and status of broken parts, share it to proper shops and garage for maintenance.
Reserve maintenance and payment directly by using infotainment.

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