ESS (Energy Storage System)


Installation and operation are possible anywhere any form of power is introduced.
Equipped with Active Balancing BMS that can use not only new batteries but also refurbished batteries.

Input power 3-phases 280V 100A
Single phase 220V 30A
PV(photovoltaics) 48V 15A
Power pack 10KW batteries X 10bay composition, Hot swap feature support
Capacity 50KW (Max. 100KW)
Output For EVs, Can change depending on the grid network access
Ingress protection IP67
BMS type Active Cell Balancing function BMS
Extendability Can be added depending on load
Fast charger for EVs

By connecting to our ESS and charging the vehicle with DC-DC power, high efficiency and high functionality are realized.
Stable operation is possible through perfect isolation with EVs.

Input power Evness ESS DC
DC charging power 30KW / DC500V 60A, tapering feature
Connector type CHAdeMo x 2CH
CCS1 ISO15118 support
Communication protocol OCPP1.6
Operating temperature -20 ~ 40℃, 95%
Size 2,000 x 600 x 300 [for 50KW]

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