FMS (Fleet Management Solution)

Connect Wider

The ACCESS solution, which transforms cars into connected cars.
Our solution is Powered by Snapdragon Car-to-Cloud.

Individual Driving Status

Track your assets in real-time

  • Trip routes
  • Average fuel efficiency
  • Current Speed
  • Current Location
  • Trip Mileage
  • Last received signal time
Driving Status

Able to manage your assets and trips

  • Vehicle lists
  • Trip Information
FMS Dashboard

Easy to understand current fleet status

  • Driving status
  • Tracking lost signals
  • Average fuel economy
  • Fuel economy trend
Fleet Analysis

Time-series graphs with fleet attributes

  • Number of driven vehicles
  • Driving hours
  • Fuel economy
  • Total mileages
The only solution for a fully connected car
Advantages of ACCESS solution
  • 1. In-vehicle Embedded solution, ACCESS enables 100% utilization of vehicle CAN data
  • 2. Qualcomm supports connected function at SOC level, enabling stable business operation
  • 3. ACCESS infrastructure extendable to the FMS platform (Operating system, Remote control app)
  • EV OEM

    Scalable to sustainable business models after vehicle sales
  • Fleet Company

    Efficient maintenance and management of owned vehicles
  • FMS Developer

    Vehicle CAN property data is provided as an API, enabling easy service development.

ACCESS Solution
for Connected Car

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