In-Vehicle Infotainment

One-chip, Multi-OS

Various OS such as Linux, Android, Web, etc.
can applied simultaneously based on Container (Virtualization) solution

Providing the variety of 3rd-party services such as vehicle management / convenience, news /web surfing and entertainment through Web based browser for Automotive OS.

Size/Weight 312.9 x 191.4 86.34mm / 2.5kg
Display panel 12.8” TFT LCD (1920×1080)
CPU AP: Custom 64-bit kryo 2x gold + 6x silver octa-core cpu
Memory RAM 32G / UFS 128GB
OS Android 12
GPS CSRG0531, SiRFstar V 5ea
Speaker External Stereo speaker, 20W max
Storage USB storage
WiFi/BT WiFi : 802.11a/b/g/n/ac       BT : Bluetooth5.2
Power 12V
Working Temp. -30~ +85 ℃

Commercialized IVI

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