Ultra-long range high performance

Our LiDAR system is able to map the environment with exceptional range and clarity Seeing everything around the vehicle and far beyond

Long Range is Safety

Long range LiDAR detection is a key technology that ensures more safety. Falcon Kinetic provides ultra-long detection range up to 500 meters and can detect dark objects with 10% reflectivity up to 250 meters.
It spots distant obstacles earlier and gives the vehicle time to respond in advance, improving the autonomous driving experience.

Precision with Dynamic Region of Interest (ROI)

Falcon Kinetic delivers image-grade point cloud and dynamic region of interest (ROI). Image-grade point cloud and dynamic-frame high-density region of interest ensure clarity of key detection and safe autonomy in any environment.


1550nm laser wavelength complies with Class 1 (IEC-60825) standard, providing better protection for the naked eye.

High Resolution Video

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Image-Grade Perception
Detection Up to 500m Video

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