SDV (Software Defined Vehicle)

Container solution

DRIMAES container solution for cost reduction and operation of multiple OS.

The implementation of a multi-virtualization environment based on LXC allows for simultaneous control of up to 6-displays.

The system resource efficiency is superior compared to Hypervisor, and there is no license cost.


AUTOSAR-based automotive software development Utilization of platforms: Elektrobit/ETAS/Mobilgene

A simulator development that enables the development of AUTOSAR-based ECUs by virtualizing vehicle ECUs and driving environments

Key projects related to AUTOSAR-based vehicle controllers
4” Cluster Platform (1st model : SX2 à variation models)
  • AUTOSAR ASW (36 modules(Fuel, Gauge, etc.) )


Virtual ECU-based Automotive-level integrated simulation technology (SILS)
Advanced AGL for SDV
  • Secure performance and stability based on AGL automotive OS
  • Stable OS environment based on AGL optimization
  • Continuous updates based on OTA

Development of ECU based vehicle level integrated simulation technology

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This work was supported by Institute for Information & ommunications Technology Promotion(IITP) grant funded by the Korea government(MSIP) (No.1711193467, Development of virtual ECU-based vehicle-level integrated simulation technology for vehicle ECU application software development and verification automation)

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