SVM (Surround View Monitor)

BSIS(UN R151) + MOIS(UN R159)

BSIS(Blind Spot Information System) can provide drivers the information signal of cyclists and pedestrians within the blind spot area before making turn to reduce accidents.

The primary purpose of MOIS(Moving Off Information System) is to detect and notify the driver of the presence of pedestrians or cyclists in the blind spot area ahead of the vehicle.

The whole system is the perfect solution to fulfill the regulation requirements of both UN R151 and UN R159.

Blind Spot information system + Moving Off information system

Protect Vulnerable Road Users in the blind spot area


Through the front and rear cameras in the camera wing, pedestrians and cyclists can be detected in the vehicle’s side blind area in different scenarios.


Through one camera in the camera cover, pedestrians and cyclists can be detected in the blind area in front of the vehicle in various scenarios.

Solution Detecion Area

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