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Advanced AGL

  • Advanced AGL

    • Secure performance and stability based on AGL automotive OS
    • Stable OS environment based on AGL optimization
    • Continuous updates based on OTA
  • HMI

    • Provide basic HMI and system App. for configuration of AVN / RSE IVI system
    • Customizable HMI


  • Multi-Container

    • Multiple systems are independently operated based on our container in sole HW
    • Save HW/SW costs compared to existing systems which configures each systems separately
    • Effective consumption of system resources(e.g. low spec. HW system) compared to Hypervisor
  • Android-Container

    • Seamless & Simultaneous operation of AGL native App. and android App. through android container



    • Build third party App. ecosystem through Whale Shell(Web-based GUI platform), co-developed with Naver whale team
      Develope / Register / Install / delete / update various third party Apps.
    • Faster reaction & natural animation effects for operating Apps.r
    • Link automotive VIS & Build multi-container
  • Mobility Interior Design

    • Design & develop mobility exclusive furnitures for the improvement of EV interior, and utilize interior based on personal needs
    • Control mobility furniture through IVI system
  • Smartphone/Gadget

    • Provide personalized IVI UX by the system linked with personal smart phones


  • Car to Cloud

    • (MaaS)Build cloud server with various information of a vehicle(e.g. sensor / driving information) and provide server API for mobility service
    • Build fleet management service and big date of vehicle information, provide inspection fuction based on machine-learning
    • Support update of in-vehicle ECU firmware and IVI platform based on OTA
    • Determining status of safe-driving by using vehicle driving information – linking with insurance services
  • VIS

    • Develop VIS(Vehicle Information Service) for collecting various information from vehicle by W3C standard form, transform them to VSS(Vehicle Signal Specification) form, and uproad them on the system and cloud server
    • Easy to support native / web App. and clould link through standard interface
  • V2X

    • Build V2X ecosystem connected to DRIMAES IVI system and mobility commerce platform
  • Web ecosystem

    • Build web ecosystem through whale store
    • Provide web-based IVI App. service which is connected to major mobility O2O services

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