Integrated Cockpit & Mobility Ecosystem Solutions

DRIMAES Integrated Cockpit Solution

DRIMAES Integrated Cockpit embraces up-to-date innovations while improving cost-competitiveness by merging other ‘hardware’ parts into infotainment solution in the form of ‘software’.

Solution Overview

One Brain, Multi Functions.

DRIMAES Integrated Cockpit Solution consists of automotive grade SW and HW to secure safety and reliability.

The Solution is built on automotive grade Qualcomm SoC and DRIMAES virtualization technologies reducing SW and HW costs. DRIMAES provides cutting-edge innovations and authentic user experiences constantly by applying its secure OTA solution.

Key Features

  • IVI Device

    Multi-OS by Container

  • Car2Cloud

    Car cloud Infra & Platform

  • SDV

    AUTOSAR based OTA

Solution Details

  • DA-powered AAOS

    • DRIMAES provides reliable OS(Operating System) and the platform based onAAOS(Android Automotive OS).
    • DA-powered AAOS can satisfy the customers’ requirements including various and optimized features.
    • Easy to custom, such as vehicle management, web-based third party services can operate on a single IVI.

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  • Commercialized SoC

    • DRIMAES designed a reliable Cluster and CID HW platform based on cost-competitive automotive grade SoC, Qualcomm SA6155 and SA8155.
    • DRIMAES automotive HW platform can incorporate automotive solutions including SVM and DSM and supports max. 6 displays.

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  • ACCESS Solution
    (Powered by Snapdragon Car-to-Cloud)

    • ACCESS solution is one of the smartest Car-to-Cloud platform, which transforms all the cars into the connected cars, consists of an infrastructure and the platform both.
    • Turnkey delivery from connected car’s infrastructure to connected cloud platform.
    • Transplanting main features such as FMS, remote control, various services that connected car has into existing infotainment in your own.

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  • Optimized OTA Solution

    • DRIMAES can operate optimized OTA functionality in the vehicle paltform powered-by
    • Proprietary OTA agent of DRIAMES can manage OTA functionality through AUTOSAR.
    • Easily manage the SOTA/FOTA functionality through ACCESS web admin system.

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  • Android Container – Virtualization

    • DRIMAES solution supports the full container configuration to enable the full of operation of AAOS(Android Automotive OS).
    • Containerized configuration of all functions of AAOS without modification.
    • DRIMAES solution enables all AAOS functions to work properly.
    • DRIMAES solution adopts android container for running android applications on the
AGL host OS environment.

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  • Lightweight Virtualization, LXC(Linux Container)

    • DRIMAES LXC(Linux Container) based virtualization solution is lighter than hypervisor solutions.
    • DRIMAES virtualization solution requires less resources such as CPU and RAM and less footprints in configuration system by sharing the same kernel while hypervisor requires to configure each OS image separately.

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  • Authentic HMI & System App

    • DRIMAES solution provides essential IVI HMI and apps including Home Screen, Launcher, Media and Settings.
    • DRIMAES has conducted a series of researches on automotive HMI UX principles -recommending actions, responding to vehicle movements, using screen spaces and presenting real environments.
    • DRIMAES solution adopts Flutter compatible with diverse operating systems.

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Main Features

  • Keyless Booting

  • OTA Update

  • Smartphone Connectivity

  • Others

    • – Multi-user
    • – AM/FM Radio
    • – BT Calling
    • – Android Apps-enabled
    • – Vehicle Control
    • – Telematics

DRIMAES Infotainment Ecosystem

DRIMAES builds SW&HW ecosystem for the expansion of mobility ecosystem to provide authentic user experience in a mobility.

Solution Overview

Authentic Experience

DRIMAES Infotainment Ecosystem

DRIMAES solution enables to cultivate mobility ecosystem by providing diverse information and API via its cloud server based on W3C standard VIS. DRIMAES IVI web platform also enables to provide authentic experiences when enjoying entertainment content and working in a mobility.
DRIMAES is open to diverse collaborations to improve the user experience from global car makers to start-ups.

Key Solutions

  • Car2Cloud

    Connectivity Infra & Control service

  • Web Platform

    Provides web-based 3rd party services

  • UI/UX

    UI/UX system based on data

Solution Details

  • SW Ecosystem | VIS & Car2Cloud

    • DRIMAES develops VIS(Vehicle Information Service) for collecting diverse information from vehicles in W3C standard form, transform the information to VSS(Vehicle Signal Specification) form, and upload the information to the system and cloud server.
    • DRIMAES builds cloud server having diverse information from vehicles (e.g., sensor and driving information) and provides server APIs for MaaS(Mobility-As-A-Service) development.
  • SW Ecosystem | Web IVI Platform

    • DRIMAES develops a web-based HMI UI/UX having appealing design and easy-to-edit property.
    • DRIMAES facilitates the development of Chromium shell (full web-based GUI platform) by collaborating with NAVER Whale.
    • DRIMAES web IVI platform provides faster and more natural animation effects.
    • DRIMAES web IVI platform enables the web app store which can install and delete web apps.
  • SW Ecosystem | DRIMAES UI/UX

    • DRIMAES deliver innovative UI/UX with context awareness services.
    • DRIMAES checks the vehicle’s condition based on data and develops a UI/UX that allows direct access to services through widgets.

    • DRIMAES designs an interaction system that enables easy and fast device operation even during driving situations.
  • HW Ecosystem | ADAS Integration

    • DRIMAES has integrated diverse functions operating on different ECUs into its one IVI SoC to strengthen its solution’s cost-competitiveness.
    • DRIMAES’ integrated solution enables more efficient system management including SW update.
  • HW Ecosystem | Smart Phone/Gadget, V2X

    • DRIMAES develops a solution to personalize IVI UI/UX interlinked with users’ smartphones.
    • DRIMAES conducts a series of researches on EV space and best-fitting furniture.
    • DRIMAES cultivates DRIMAES IVI solution-based ecosystem including mobility commerce and last-mile delivery service providers.

Use Cases

  • Web Store

  • OTT Streaming

  • Android Game

  • Remote Work

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