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Vehicle solutions

  • DRIMAES Integrated Cockpit

    DRIMAES provides innovative and cost-competitive integrated cockpit solutions (SW/HW) based on its cutting-edge platform technologies.

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  • DRIMAES Ecosystem

    DRIMAES is open to diverse collaborations to cultivate mobility ecosystem.

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Why DRIMAES Solution?

    • 01

    • Automotive Grade

      DRIMAES Integrated Cockpit Solution is developed on automotive grade SW/HW.

    • 02

    • Cost Competitiveness

      DRIMAES Integrated Cockpit Solution is ~30% more cost competitive due to its cutting-edge design structure and virtualization technology.

    • 03

    • Time to Market

      DRIMAES Integrated Cockpit Solution can be rapidly customized upon customer’s requests due to its pre-developed components and easy-to-revise design structure.

    • 04

    • Up-to-Dateness

      DRIMAES Integrated Cockpit Solution keeps upgrading via OTA(Over-The-Air).

Key Technologies

  • Advanced AGL

  • Virtualization

  • DAUX

  • Connectivity

DRIMAES Activities

  • Mobility Web Platform

    DRIMAES collaborated with NAVER whale to develop a stable mobility web platform.

  • Mobility Flutter Widget

    DRIMAES adopts Flutter combined with AGL for better mobility OS.

  • AGL Community Activity

    DRIMAES has participated in the AGL open source community since 2017.

  • Diverse Mobility

    DRIMAES collaborates with truck, tractor, and ship makers.

  • No Innovation Boundary

    DRIMAES do not limit its innovation areas. DRIMAES has renovated mobility-related IoT solutions including electric scooter charging station, kiosk, and vending machines.

  • Proactive Partnership

    DRIMAES aims to build up sustainable partnership with current and potential clients. DRIMAES defines and solves clients’ problems proactively.